"Protecting and Optimizing
your Robotic Investment"

Automotive Sub Assembly Manufacturer, West Midlands

Read here about how Jigsaw Robotics took on the challenge of a multiple Robot System manufacturing a large number of sub-components for the automotive industry.

By studying and prioritizing the current processes, and working closely with the production team, Jigsaw Robotics helped reduce the number of shifts, reduced stoppage time and improved cycle time by up to 30%. Read more>>

Steering Assembly Manufacturer, United States

Read here about how Jigsaw Robotics took on three arc welding cells in North America, making steering column assemblies for a major car manufacturer.

Jigsaw Robotics studied the entire system from spare parts to a Preventative Maintenance System. After modifying the programs and process, cycle times were reduced by up to 50%, with stoppages down by 80%. Read more>>

Car Sub-Component Manufacturer, Sweden

Read here about how Jigsaw Robotics were asked to provide programming support on project for a manufacturer of sub components in Sweden.

Jigsaw Robotics were involved from the initial programming stage, through the quality achievement stage to the final handover whilst achieving and, in some cases, surpassing expected cycle time. Read more>>

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Being Updated Now

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